Hutatma Jaywantrao Patil Mahavidyalaya , Himayatnagar

Principal's Desk
The concept of higher education, in the process of globalization is more important our college provides an opportunity to the students in such a circumstances, to broaden intellectual and social horizons education needs to ignite and inspire, empowering young people to develop and use their talents and our college is not exception for that. Our college is now permanently affiliated with Swami Ramanand Teerth Mararthwada University Nanded. This is the crucial and exciting time in our system of educating the younger generations. A vision of education should be both active and proactive in empowering our youths from an early age not only with the basic curricular knowledge, information and skills but with the love for cultural and natural environment, this will be a spring board to appreciating the world around them, and to affecting appropriate technological progress that brings about those little changes that renders life more comfortable, healthier and more enjoyable.

We provide a wide range of traditional subjects and courses under the conventional three streams of study i.e. Arts, Science and Commerce. We are fortunate that we get the quality students. College attracts bright and highly motivated students from various socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. They are enthusiastic towards their general intellectual development. Apart from academic excellence that we are strive for, cultural milieu and warm and caring attitude of the students and staff alike, makes the campus life full of enthusiasm and excitement. The college offers countless opportunities for students to take part in all sorts of co-curricular activities and community service to broaden their exposure and insight. I highly appreciate the college`s great efforts and commitment to provide all-round education to students. Apart from striking for advancement in academic achievement, the college also nurtures students with good and proper attitude and values. The formal and informal curricula on language, mathematics, sciences, humanity, aesthetics and physical development have developed students multiple intelligence and aptitude for lifelong learning. Numerous opportunities are provided to develop their individual talents and holistic development which results in outstanding success in sports cultural activities, social activities, national service scheme (N.S.S) and Yeshwantrao Chavhan Open University.

The pursuits of discipline, culture and excellence have long been the hallmark of our college. The college has endeavored to assemble promising students and a distinguished faculty in a community designed to stimulate, even inspire, it`s members to develop their talents to the fullest and that is where we excel with the valuable support of our presidents Smt. Suryakanta tai patil, the college is on the way of progress. We all are also do our best for the progress according to the hopes of our presidents.
Dr. Ujjwala K. Sadavarte
Hutatma Jaywantrao Patil Mahavidyalaya Himayatnagar