Hutatma Jaywantrao Patil Mahavidyalaya , Himayatnagar

Environmental Science Department
The Department of Environmental Science as a first step was introduced as optional course in all science faculties. In view of its popularity a three year course B.Sc. was started in 2004 and the department of environmental science was established in 2008 with the objective of imparting education on regional and global environmental issues. The curriculum for B.Sc. environmental science programme is designed to provide for orientation towards all important aspects of environmental science, covering contemporary problems of natural conservation and environmental quality. This program also covers major aspects of environment including water, Air, Soil, Noise pollution, their control technology, effects of pollution on ecosystem and management of environment…etc.

Objectives of Department
  • To prepare our graduates scientifically by conducting studies like monitoring and analysis of major environmental components such as water, air and soil.
  • Our graduates shall adhere to the norms and regulations of quality research ethics.
  • Conduct risk assessment analysis of any environmental entities like river, lakes, soil….etc.
  • Apply the basic concepts of physical, chemical, biological and Natural sciences appropriately to the discipline of environmental science.

Departmental Activities
  • Department of Environmental Science has established “Save Nature Club” in 2015 on behalf of World Ozone Day. The purpose for the establishment of this club is to prepare & aware our students about current environmental conditions and Natural resources. Under this club department organizes various programs like poster exhibition, Essay competition, debate on environmental issues, Tree plantation…etc. these activities motivate our students to adopt Eco friendly activities in College as well as in society.
  • Department of Environmental Science also start a certificate course in “Water Quality Monitoring” from academic year 2015-16 for B.Sc. Third year Students. Certificate course contain practical based syllabus which may helpful for the students to grow their practical knowledge in water analysis.
  • Students as well as Faculties of Environmental science department actively participate in the Tree plantation programs, rallies, speeches, conferences related environmental issues organized by Government bodies, NGO’s, social works…etc.