हुतात्मा जयवंतराव पाटील महाविदयालय , हिमायतनगर जि. नांदेड

Code of Conduct
“Every student regular, external or enrolled with YCMOU”

  • Every student should have maintain discipline in classroom, library, laboratory, college campus as well as excursion, educational trip organized by institution.
  • Any violence act directly or indirectly causes, disturbance to function of institution so He / She may punishable.
  • Attendance of lecture, practical which are prescribed by the college and university are mandatory.
  • Students found indulge in act contrary to above mentioned code of conduct is disciplinary action will be taken against Him/ Her by behalf of the principal as mentioned in Act and notification of the SRTMU Nanded.

The following Act will be treated as gross discipline that can invite action

  • The students are expected to maintain higher student of discipline and dignified manner to be heavier. Inside as well as outside of college campus they shall abet by the rules and regulation of the college and should act the way that highlight the discipline of the college.
  • All the students expected to attain the class well within time and let coming should be fine 50 Rupees.
  • Number of students shall enter to leave the classroom without the permission of concern teacher.
  • The students should be present in library when teacher do not conduct the lecture.
  • All students shall leave the class immediately after college time.
  • Students shall come to the college in approved uniform.
  • The students should have produce the identity card issued by the institution on demand in the campus.
  • Most students can collect money or fund for any social, charity, religious, political and celebration without written permission from the principal of institution.
  • Smoking, spiting, ragging and tobacco and its products strictly prohibited in the campus if He / She found must be charged 200 Rupees.
  • As per the government order students shall not bring any weapons, knife or sticks with them.
  • All the students are advised to follow the rule and regulation of SRTMU Nanded, state government of Maharashtra and UGC also.
  • Students are desire to represent college, inter college events, sports, NSS camps, tournament shall take prior permission from the concern head of the department and selection will be based on parameters such as academic performance, attendance, characters, physical and mental fitness.
  • No students cannot arrange any un authorized celebration and decoration of any events in the campus.
  • All the students are expected to attend all functions of college.

Punishment for voluntary Rules

The principal may impose one or more of the following punishment to those students if He / She found guilty, misconduct and indiscipline.
  • Warning notice.
  • Fine 200 rupees.
  • Cancellation of scholarship, prize, medals to consult student.
  • Debar the students from the college not more than one semester.
  • Restrict from the college exam for one semester.

Code of Conduct for Teachers

The teachers should plan, prepare and deliver lecture according to their time table. Teacher should promote student for general progress and well being of individual students, group of students for class interested to him /her. participation in extension, co curricular and extra curricular activities including community service is mandatory. Participate in professional training development as a teacher, including attendance in service, education and training courses by UGC sponsored academic staff college like Orientation programme, refresher course, short term course. Teachers should motivate students to improve their consciousness, develop their personality, intuition. In their personalities at the time contribute to community welfare. The teacher should inculcate among student scientific point of view and respect for physical labor and ideals of democracy patriotism and piece by performing activities through NSS Culture and sports. The teacher should continuously develop acquire the knowledge and wisdom by research. The teacher should respect the right and dignity of students by expressing good opinion about the students. The teacher should convey possible and responsible opinion in the proper managements, organizations and orders disciplines of the institution. The teacher should release discrimination in attitude and capabilities among students and strive to meet their need. The teacher should provide necessary information and device.